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Moed was founded by a group of native Israelis and new immigrants to continue the mission of Modern Zionism and challenge the popular Israeli expression of 'ze ma sh-yesh', that's just the way it is.

Moed creates a platform for shared community that appreciates its diversity- secular and religious, women and men, children and adults, natives and immigrants and is grounded in a foundation of mutual respect as we connect, explore, and express a shared birthright.

Through engaging Torah together in conventional and unconventional settings, we learn to listen to one another, consider new perspectives and underscore the belief that Torah is our shared inheritance. 

We initiate and support social action programs and projects to breathe life into the values that we share and find opportunity to work together to built a society committed to our deepest ideals. 

The Bible introduced the name Moed to describe the first structure to house the Jewish people and to introduce the concept of dedicated time. This dual connotation is at the heart of Moed’s vision.

Together we embrace the in-gathering of exiles with rich culture and experiences living together and build a shared life and destiny during this unique moment in history.

Through mutual respect, access to Torah without preconditions that resonates, honest grappling and robust aspiration - we are forging a new model of shared dynamic Jewish life. 

children planting a tree in israel
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