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Conversations Program

Du-Siach is an opportunity to inspire and support meaningful dialogue around Israel’s diverse ethnic traditions and core values.  We believe that real conversations within families, amidst neighbors, colleagues, and between sectors are key to building a rich social fabric.

Hessed & Tzedek Teen Fellowship

Our powerful year-long fellowship for religious and secular youth exposes participants to concerns in the broader world and emphasizes their responsibility to it.  Weekly seminars cultivate sensitivity to social causes, use Jewish texts as a guide, acquire skills to engage, and employ real-world hands-on service volunteering.

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Text Based Shared Torah Study

Our classes promote stimulating open inquiry of Jewish text where participants’ unique perspectives are solicited to enhance the exploration of our shared Jewish heritage.  Our study forums range from seminars for public school teachers and living room study groups, to classes in cafes and the public library. 

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Hatavlin Hasodi- The Secret Spice
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Cooking workshops with high profile chefs for teens with and without developmental disabilities to engage in challenging and fun shared activity, promote visibility, highlight the commonalities develop language around differing abilities.

Shir Shavuot
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Sparking conversations at home and supporting them through texts, prompts and questions around the value of song. 

Scholars and artists from around the world help continue the conversation through a series of classes and workshops

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